Apple got us again!

Dammit Apple, you got us again.

After the last experience we had with Apple’s release of the iPhone 6 and the horrible wait experience in the bowels of Grand Central station, Ginette and I vowed to not upgrade our phones again at least until the iPhone 7 came out. We signed up for a 2 year plan with AT&T and let’s face it, we have no need for a new phone. Our phones work fine and have way more features than we could even think of.

Yet there we were, sitting at home on the couch, going about our daily business with the Apple keynote playing in the background and they announced their upgrade plan. Not affiliated with any phone company but directly with Apple. Comes with Apple Care + (which I hope means it will cover some of the cost of a new screen replacement that cost me $120 last time) and means you can upgrade your phone every year. Sure, you never end up owning a phone but when we looked at what we were doing with our old phones, they either tend to end up in a box somewhere until you finally throw it out or get handed out to our parents in some kind of strange reverse technology hand-me-down scheme. There is no point to “owning” tech that is made redundant so quickly.

So we drank the Koolaid and went down to the store on W 14th during our lunch break. A massively different experience than that of last year. Waited in line for 45 mins and transaction completed within an hour and ten; total.

So now all we have to do is wait and see how painful (or painless) the upgrade to the 7 will be in 12 months time.

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