EDC 2016 here we come

The countdown can officially begin!

We wait with anticipation for EDC all year round. The wait actually begins as the sun starts to rise over the Las Vegas Speedway on Day 3 of EDC. As the last few notes fade out over Kinetic Field and you come to grips with the craziness that just happened. How your expectations, even as sky high as they were, have been completed obliterated yet again by Pasquale and his Insomniac team. And in that moment you look around at the people you’re with and make the silent pact that we will be here again in 1 years time, underneath the electric sky.

Hotels already booked, locker purchaced before we even had tickets. But now the official countdown can begin. Doing it again in our style, VIP with VIP parking, it will be our 5 year anniversary of EDC and their 20th. I can’t wait to walk in through the stadium seating and to take it all in. To see how they’ve improved the production and what theme will come from the main stage. But most of all I can’t wait to dance the night away without a care in the world.

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