New Tattoo

After the last tattoo I got on my ribs I thought I was out of the game but that itch comes back sooner or later and I found myself going through the profiles of almost every NYC artist. That’s when I found Jess V from Sacred Tattoo. The style spoke to me right away and I started looking at the calendar for an appropriate time to get my next piece done.

The week after labour day gave me some time out of the sun for the tattoo to heal. Shorts season is over and we won’t be breaking them out again until November when we head back to Hawaii for Ginette’s birthday. Perfect.

I booked my consultation with her and told her I wanted an owl in her style on my right calf and that she had free reign on the rest of it. Well one extra condition. It had to be “likeable”. After being a bit underwhelmed by the owl at EDC this year (not that it was spectacular, just that it looked like a bit of an asshole owl), I didn’t want an owl I couldn’t have a beer with etched into my skin forever.

The "unlikeable" owl

The “unlikeable” owl

The tattoo took just under 4 hours to complete but after having to kept my leg in an awkward position, it took about 20 mins for me to relearn how to walk afterwards. But short term pain for a beautiful piece of art I get to wear with pride.

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